Gmail-Youtube Down Today

Akash kumar
2 min readDec 14, 2020


Today, many of Google’s services were disrupted, including Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts, Google Meet and Chat. Around 6.30 am, an error started coming on the page of Google’s services .

Source : Google

At around 6.30 am, the error page started appearing on many services including Google’s Gmail service and Hangouts. The situation was the same on YouTube. However, Google search engine ie continued to work properly the whole time. Due to the disruption of these services of Google, people faced a lot of problems. At around 7.15 am all the services of Google started back.

Nearly all Google services were disrupted. If the search engine excludes, almost all the services of Google seem to be disrupted. Whether it is Google Drive, Google Chat, Google Meet or Google Cloud Search.

#YouTubeDOWN and #googledown trended on Twitter :
It was not even a few seconds that Google’s services were disrupted that #YouTubeDOWN and #googledown started trending on Twitter. When someone started putting a screen shot of the error page of his Gmail, then someone started to draw attention to the condition of YouTube. At the same time, people started reporting on the troubles caused by the hangout.

YouTube was running without login :
By the way, if you try to open youtube then youtube is not opening, but if you open youtube without login then youtube service seems to be working well. In such a situation, it is feared that Google’s login system is not working. Some people have expressed their concern about this on Twitter.

What does Google have to say?
When all the Twitter handles of Google were reconstructed, Google’s Twitter handle has not revealed a statement regarding this problem. However, the Twitter handle of the YouTube team has said that they have come to know about this problem of the people and their team is working to correct it as soon as possible.