Most beautiful places in the world

The nature is full with the beauty. Nature is so powerful ,so strong capturing its essence is not easy ,your work becomes with light and weather .It takes you to place within yourself .

Here are 7 most beautiful places in the world ,if you are looking for the vacations:-


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Palawan Island Philippines is the largest island .It is around 450 km long and 50 km wide . You can enjoy here the jungle, mountains, and white beaches .This part of the world has no shortage of beautiful islands but Palawan islands seems to fulfil most people’s ideals when looking for the true tropical paradise .Palawan island is known as “The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines ”.In 2016 it was awarded as a” most beautiful island in the world” .You can visit here in any season . A trip to Palawan island is likely to be an unforgettable experience and for lovers of nature this could prove to be one of the best places in the world .


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Lofoten is situated in the county of Nordland, Norway. It is well known for its natural beauty within Norway. Lofoten is the world’s largest higher temperature anomalies relative to its high latitude .It is one of the perfect place for outdoor adventures . Lofoten is a mecca for hiking ,climbing, fishing, kayaking skiing ,Arctic Surfing(in the summer as well as in winter), and cycling. The tourism scene there has a very young vibe, with lots of budget accommodation, and even the luxury accommodation markets itself towards adventure seeker As a tourist there are so much places to be visited which makes it one of the best place for the vacations .


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The Plitvice Lakes National Park is the most popular tourist attraction of the world. The beauty of the National Park lies in its sixteen lakes ,which are inter-connected by a series of waterfalls, and set in deep woodland populated by deer, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species. It’s a stunning place to visit any time of year, which makes it cool .Since last few years it has become the home of the many nature lovers . it is full of the natural beauty . You can visit here in any season .


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It is the world’s largest salt flat spreading out over 11,000-sq-km . It is situated in the southwest Bolivia .It is also called “the biggest mirror of God” .There are an endless sheet of the hexagonal tiles ,dotted with pyramids of salt which increases the beauty of thus place. At certain times of the year, nearby lakes overflow and a thin layer of water transforms the flats into a stunning reflection of the sky. It is also one of the best tourist place in the world . You will feel like you are moving in the sky which makes it awesome. It has two distinct season ,first the rainy season (December to April)when visitors come to enjoy Salar’s breathtaking mirror effect .Second during the dry season (May to November) temperatures are colder and ground is hardened and travelers can drive across the stark white landscape .Tour operators consider June to August their high period ,and rates may rise accordingly .


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The isle of the skye is situated off the West Coast of Scotland . It is the largest and best known of the inner Hebrides . Skye has been used as a location for a number of feature films such as STARDUST , FLASH GORDON , which attracts the tourists here . It is the one of the famous place all over Europe . The isle of Skye has long had a main seasonal tourism period that begins in early Spring and lasts to the beginning of autumn .

6 . Antelope canyon ,Arizona :-

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It is situated in American southwest Arizona .Antelope Canyon is a popular location for photographers and sightseers .Antelope Canyon is visited exclusively through guided tours, in part because rains during monsoon season can quickly flood the canyon. The best months to visit Antelope Canyon are between the end of the March and early October. During this time ,we can see light beams that enter the upper Antelope Canyon which creates a unique phenomenon. If you visit Antelope Canyon during winter, you will miss those bright haloes .


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It is the great wonder of the world ,the rainbow colored mountains . These mountains are situated in Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park .It is located in China’s northwest which covers 200 square miles . The place was named in the UNESCO world Heritage Site .It is the destination of many tourists from all over the world. These mountains are cretaceous sand-stones and silt-stones . It is one of the most visited places in the Asia .

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