Most mysterious places in the world

- May 06, 2019

Nature is full with beauty as well as mysteries . there are mysteries in every part of the world . scientists have solved the many mysteries but lot of them are left . Let us see some mysterious places in the world .

Some spots are perfect places to indulge those weird and wonderful interests in the otherworldly, others will have you jumping out of your skin. Some are just awesome places to travel to, while everything here promises mystery by the bucket load.

1. Bermuda Triangle -

It is situated in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean .This Triangle is also known as the “Devil’s Triangle” . It is the most mysterious place in the world . The area of this triangle is about

13–39 million square km. Any plane or ship which passes through this place mysteriously loss. Scientists says the main cause of the accident is the violent weather of this place . After reaching this place compass stops working . On record more than 30 accidents have been seen there in which more than 1000 people died .

Some say there are magnetic anomalies that throw compasses off course, others that tropical cyclones are to blame, and some say there’s simply no mystery at all! Today, visiting the area can be much more pleasant than you might think, with the sun-splashed islands of Turks and Caicos beckoning in the south and the coves of Bermuda in the north.

2. Death Valley -

Death valley is located in Eastern California . It is the hottest ,driest and lowest national park in the world . Here the stones move mysteriously which has shocked the NASA scientists also . Nobody has seen those stones moving . In winter, these stones are found more than 250 meters away from their origin. After a long research scientists reached to the conclusion that these stones moves because of the wind but it is so strange that a rock having mass 300 kg or more moves because of wind .

3. The Nazca Lines -

It is situated in the desert region in south Peru. You will find some lines ,some special symbols on this region. The mysterious thing about these lines is that these lines were created around 100 BC at that time it was impossible to create .These lines were flourished from 1–700 AD .There are over 300 geometric designs, which include basic shapes such as triangles, rectangles, animals and some wavy lines .The residents of that place think that Nazca Indians created these shapes hence these lines are known as Nazca lines.

Most opt to do flyovers and see the great wonders from above, which is when the curious geography depicting spiders and monkeys come into full view.

4. Easter Island -

Easter island is located in the Valparaiso region , Chile .It is famous for its giant stone statues. The island stands in isolation 1200 miles. Researchers have long puzzled over why the huge statues were placed ,where they belong . However a new study says the people of island positioned them near sources of humanity’s most vital resource :fresh water .

In fact, there are over more than 880 of the so-called moai heads here, which are each thought to represent the final member of one of the tribal family clans.

5. Stonehenge -

It is located in the United Kingdom .The Stonehenge is one of the world’s most famous monuments . The prehistoric site attracts more than one million tourists each year . But the question is when was Stonehenge actually constructed? What was it used for ? Stonehenge has a long relationship with astronomers .

Created an estimated 5,000 years ago, this circular conglomeration of huge megalith stones is thought to have been made with unique bluestone material that could only have been quarried from the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, some 200 miles away in Wales.

Mystery surrounds both how the Neolithic people managed to transport such huge rocks all that way, and as to the purpose of the building.

6. The Great Pyramid of Mexico -

It is situated in Mexico. It is also known as the “Pyramid of Sun”. The height of the pyramid is 66 meters above from the ground ,and it measures approximately 220 by 230 meters at its base.

7. Relampago Del -

Relampago Del is situated in Venezuela .The area has been labelled as the most electric place on Earth. The lightning of this place is visible from 400 km away ,is so regular that it’s been used as a navigation aid by ships .With a total of roughly 1.2 million lightning discharges per year. This place is said to e the world’s greatest producer of ozone.

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